Water Damage Technicians and Building Inspectors

Plaster Home Guarantee

5 year moisture guarantee for plaster homes sold through Caine Statham


Providing a 5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers of Plaster Homes


Remove the risk and worry in selling a monolithic or plaster home with Building Science's

5-Year Moisture Intrusion Performance Guarantee

Building Science Ltd are among New Zealand's most experienced technicians in assessing and protecting New Zealand's monolithic homes. With experience in the laboratory developing new technologies to protect these types of homes and years in the field assessing and remediating them, you can now buy the home of your dreams with confidence knowing the Building Science team have inspected, assessed—and if necessary, protected and remediated—the home you wish to make your future residence.

Call us now to discuss your Moisture Intrusion Guarantee and how it can benefit you and your home.