Water Damage Technicians and Building Inspectors


What people have said about Building Science

We sold for $121,000 higher than what had ever been offered before after using the Building Science Inspection report.
— Homeowner - Maungaraki
We had been quoted $225,000 for a reclad. However, Building Science Ltd solved our issue for
under $35,000. This saved us over $190,000.
— Homeowners - Island Bay
After 3 years and having spent over $45,000 with different contractors trying to fix a leak in a rental property we own, Building Science arrived onsite and in 15 minutes had located the problem and provided a $150 scope of works to fix it.
— Landlord - Khandallah
Our Body Corporate had been quoted over $3.3 million dollars to reclad as the only solution for our block. Building Science could provide a CodeMarked solution, that satisfied our lawyers, for under $500,000.
— Body Corporate Chairperson - North Island
I bought a leaky home at auction for land value, Building Science came up for a solution for us, and 12 months later a Registered Valuer valued the home at $980,000. This has been the best property deal we have ever done.
— Homeowner - Wellington
Using Building Science to inspect our home and repair minor issues, we finally found a buyer to buy our “unsellable” home. It was quickly sold 20% above RV, using Building Science’s inspection report, installed wi-fi moisture sensors and guarantee. What a great outcome.
— Homeowners - Newlands
Our offer to buy our new home had been accepted, but the bank had a major problem in that they had seen a building inspection report done by a builder who said in his opinion the home would have to be reclad. The bank was going to withdraw finance and we would have lost our dream house. Our agent recommended we use Building Science because they are the “plaster home” experts. We are so glad we did. Building Science came and provided a detailed report that included thermal imaging and a proper moisture survey—two things the bank said the other report did not contain. When the bank officer found out that it was Building Science who had said the home was not a leaky building, they were more than happy to lend us the money.
— Homeowners - Waikanae
If I am selling a plaster home and I see that Building Science has done the Building Inspection report, I am totally confident that I will sell the home and that the Building Science report can prove to both the lending bank and to the buyer that the house is in exactly the state they have reported it as being.
— Real Estate Agent - Wellington
I bought a home for $350,000 that people said was leaky, then got in Building Science Ltd to fix the areas it had issues. I then employed a Registered Valuer who valued it at $615,000. We are very happy with the result.
— Homeowner - Newlands
Our architects had quoted $1.7 million dollars to reclad four townhouses in our development. Building Science Ltd protected the townhouses, coated the roofs and gave us a 10 Year guarantee, all for under $150,000. The owners of the four units were happy with the outcome achieved.
— Body Corporate Member - Wellington
My wife and I wanted to purchase the beautiful plaster home we now own. The home had been on the market for a few months and we were worried it could be a dreaded “leaky home”. We got Building Science in to check it out for us and got to purchase it at $300,000 under RV. We couldn’t be happier.
— Homeowners - Plimmerton
My husband and I suffered the agony of three failed building inspections and no offers. We had a building consultant say he could solve our problem for $45,000. We were recommended to Building Science by a fellow expat who had used their services. We were sceptical whether our home could ever be sold or if we would have to sell it at land value as two previous agents had told us to do. Building Science surveyed the home, provided easy to understand data and introduced to us an agent who sold our home at full price ($800,000) in three weeks. Without Building Science’s involvement, my husband and I do not think this outcome would ever have happened.
— Homeowners - Brooklyn
These guys know plaster homes. They test differently to other inspectors, and our bank was happy to finance us into the plaster home we had them inspect.
— Homeowners - Auckland
We heard Mike speak at one of his plaster evenings held at the ANZ bank. We used his services and—can we say—we sold our home at full price in four weeks on the market.
— Homeowners - Johnsonville
All the Building Science guys I have met base their decisions and recommendations on data, not on opinions. That has saved a lot of people a lot of money, especially when talking about plaster homes.
— Insurance Assessor - Wellington